About Us

Our mission is to create space for the expression of black women and their art.

About Elle Nine

Founder and Creative Director, Elle Knight, has had a love for lifestyle accessories since she was a child but noticed a significant lack of black representation in the market. Fast forward to the March 2020 launching of Elle Nine, LLC – a black owned, black operated, black designed, black focused lifestyle accessory brand based in Atlanta, Georgia. Here for the culture and here to stay. 

“I’m a freak when it comes to lifestyle accessory items, I love cute phone cases, water bottles, notebooks, and stickers that match my lifestyle and tell my story without me having to speak. I’ve always been drawn to throwing my money at unique everyday things, but I also noticed that nothing represented me completely, or my culture and I saw a gap in the market.”

Elle Knight – Owner

Our vision is to create artistic products that represent every black woman in the world.